About Us

With the IESO Rebates available for Planned Replacement & Energy Efficiency Upgrades, there is no better time to switch. Anyone not switching will be left paying high hydro bills and missing out on thousands in savings and rebates.

Since year 2008, our company has helped several Ontario businesses reduce energy costs using our energy efficient equipments, as seen by their reduced consumption charts below.

Our staff are examined Pro ARI (Applicant Representative Initiative) for Save-On-Energy program by IESO (OPA) enabling our company to submit all rebate applications on your behalf to Ontario Hydro Companies and gain up to 50% cash back on your investment as total project cost.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your utility needs and show you equipment options that will net you cost savings through efficiency at no cost to you. Enjoy a faster pay back, operate your business more efficiently and improve your bottom line. Improve the overall performance of your building.